What’s This For?

My name is Josh Williford. I am married to Gail who is a wonderful, God fearing, compassionate wife who always reminds me how lucky of a man I am to have her. We have a toddler son who keeps us on our toes with his fearlessness towards life and his fluctuating eating habits. Currently I am serving as the Student Minister at Crestview Baptist Church in Georgetown, TX. I have been working with youth for about 9 years and in the ministry for 6 years.  I earned my bachelors in Practical Theology at Howard Payne University and my Masters of Religious Education at Liberty University.

This page is dedicated to the soul thirsting need to meet with God. Psalm 42:2 says, “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?” We will simply meet with God through the study of His Word and the world in which He created. As Christians we should thirst for a meeting time with God just as we thirst for water. Our thirst can only be satisfied with God. Let us meet with Him.

  1. Very nice to meet you. God bless your ministry!

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