Big Bus Insights-Simon Says

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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School Bus 6

The Pre-K students have finally played a game that I am both familiar with and can almost play along with.  They started playing the game Simon Says on the bus.  When I heard the phrase, it took me back to the days of frustration when I would not listen for those specific words.  I was never very good at this game.  I have learned that there are people whose gift (possibly their spiritual gift) is to lead Simon Says.  It is quite amazing to watch a professional at work in their craft.  They can think of specific instructions and say them in a way in which you actually forget you are playing a game!  I admire and despise these people.

But back to the students.  Being Pre-K-ers they can never play a game the normal way.  No, their version of Simon Says did not contain actions to complete.  Nor did it really require anyone to listen for the phrase “Simon Says.”  Instead they did something that just plain boggled me.  I don’t know where they might have picked it up.  I am confident that anyone who knows the actually game would not even think to play this way.  Instead of stating actions for the rest of the group, the designated “Simon” stated facts.  Like this: “Simon says, Josh is tall.”  “Simon says, we are in a bus.”  They would go back and forth talking about one another.  Never in a condescending way, but in an encouraging and uplifting manner that stated the good things about each other.  Statements that discussed how nice, fast, or cool each student is.

What an interesting way to play the game, right?  Did you know that Jesus played this game?  Yep!  Not the Simon Says version where actions are required, but the Simon Says facts game.  He probably had a different name for it, but it went something like this “Truly I say to you…”  That phrase is found over and over coming from the mouth of Jesus.  It is as if Jesus is letting everyone know that he is about to drop some massive knowledge on everyone in the ultimate form of truth.

As a side note, I have often wondered why he said this.  He is usually talking to his disciples or followers…does he really need to say, “Look, I’m not lying about this!” before the talks?  We know Jesus, you don’t lie.  But I digress.

Jesus actually uses this phrase 30 times in Matthew alone within the ESV version of the Bible!  30 times, just in the book of Matthew!  Maybe we should take note of these things.  Maybe when he says, “Truly I say to you,” we ought to take very important notice of this.

The normal Simon Says game is a game about listening and acting.  I think this different version that both children and, seemingly, Jesus played is also about listening.  It is about not just hearing what is said, but listening for understanding and knowledge.  There is a very distinct difference in hearing and listening.  We must listen to the words of Jesus always, but maybe with a little more focus in these phrases.

I thought about going through some of the verses that use this phrase, but they vary so much and it is hard to pick only a couple.  So I encourage you to click on the hyperlink above and look through some of them yourself.  If you are feeling the need for a deeper study instead of simply reading the Bible, this may be exactly what you need.

I will depart with this, Truly I say to you: “keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.” Jude 1:21 ESV

In Christ’s Love,


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