Short Bus Insights-Run Like The Wind!

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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School Bus 6





I really cannot believe how many different stories and discussions I have been able to have through driving a Pre-K bus route.  when I started the “Short Bus Insights” series, I thought I would do one every month or maybe have a full month devoted to it.  However, we have taken a look at the Short Bus twelve different times.  God has been faithful to show me things I never would imagine.  Let’s get started with #13.


There is a young lady that get’s dropped off at her house along the bus route.  She has large limestone rocks placed in the yard as a walkway that allow her to skip, jump, and run across the stones toward the door.  After exiting the bus, as she starts the trek to the door, one of the remaining boys yells out at the top of his voice, “Run like the wind!”  Where he learned this I am not sure.  It often reminds me of Toy Story 2 where Woody yells, “Ride like the wind Bullseye!”


After yelling this, he suctions his face to the window to see if she heard him and actually ran up to the door.  At the slightest burst of any effort exceeding a walk, he turns to the front of the bus, with a large grin, and says, “She heard me!”  His excitement for being heard rivals his excitement for having brought a soda or candy on the bus; which is pretty exciting!


Instead of looking at the actual phrase that is yelled, I would like to examine the reaction.  When the boy yells out his command and it is seemingly received and applied, he has great excitement and joy.  When it is not received, he continues yelling it until he can no longer see the girl.


Let’s take a look at prayer quickly.  There are often times that we pray for specifics.  We seek to know God’s will in specific situations.  We lift up specific people in our prayers, asking for miracles, interventions, comfort, and celebration.  We even go to God in prayer when we are physically hurting.  we ask that God take away the pain or allow us to bear it without much trouble.


But how do we respond to answered and unanswered prayers?


When God does answer a prayer, do we have the attitude of, “It’s about time God.”  Do we simply expect God to be waiting on us as a butler or servant?  Are we not the servant to the Master?  Do we not come to the throne humble and ask in reverence?  Then when we receive an answer we should proclaim as David did, “I thank you that you have answered me and have become my salvation.” (Psalm 118:21)  David recognized that a sincere thankfulness must be present in the answering of prayers.  A heart of thankfulness will welcome more answers than a prideful heart.


When God does not answer a prayer what do we do?  Do we move on and say that it simply was not in God’s will?  Or do we continue to yell, “Run like the wind!”?  There is an interesting parable that Jesus shares about prayer that does not often get covered.  It is found in Luke 11.  Here, Jesus says that in order to receive, at times, we must be the annoying neighbor.  We must ask repetitively until God comes to the door to answer our request.  I encourage you to read about it in Luke 11.


Excitement, joy, disappointment, and discouragement are all parts of life.  I dare say they are even parts of our prayer life.  But I urge you to show excitement and thankfulness when a prayer is answered.  for who are we that God would listen to us?

In Christ’s Love


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